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Coffee Pod FAQs

Which coffee machines can I use your capsules with?
The Grounds' coffee pod capsules are compatible with the following Nespresso® machines: Citiz; Lattisima; Lattisima Premium; Lattissima Plus; Pixie; Essenza; Maestria; U; Inissia; Creatista.

The are not compatible with the following professional machines: Gaggia; Saeco; Siemens; Miele (built in); Romeo Nespresso® machines.

Are your coffee pod capsules also compatible with other systems and machines?
No, our coffee capsules are only compatible with the Nespresso® system.

Is the warranty on my machine still valid if I use your capsules?
Yes, the warranty on your machine is not dependent on the capsules used in the machine and must be honoured by the manufacturer.

Can your coffee capsules damage my Nespresso® machine?
No, our capsules have been specifically developed for use with the Nespresso® system and are made of a flexible, yielding material. All tests show that our capsules do not damage your machine in any way. Be sure to regularly maintain your coffee machine, as this is essential to ensure the quality of the coffee extracted.

How long can I store my coffee capsules?
We recommend that you use the capsules within 12-months of its manufacture date to ensure you experience the full flavour and aroma of the freshly roasted and ground premium coffee beans.

How do you ensure freshness?
Our coffee is roasted, ground and packed right here in Australia. It's packed within days of roasting and seconds of grinding. It is the freshest capsule you can get in Australia.
Our manufacturing and packing process extracts over 99% of the oxygen from the capsule and then wraps it in airtight capsule retaining flavours and aromas in an optimally modified, shelf stable atmosphere.

What water should I use?
Good water quality is essential for a good coffee and we recommend that you use filtered water. Remember to refill the water tank regularly.

How should I prepare my coffee?
To get the best possible extraction, we recommend that you purge your machine and heat your cup before making a coffee.

This can be done in one easy step by running hot water from your machine into your cup 2 or 3 times (without inserting a capsule). Pour out the hot water and proceed to make your espresso. This does a few things that will enhance the taste of your coffee:

  1. It heats the cup; 
  2. It warms up the coffee machine to an optimum temperature for brewing;
  3. It clears the machine of any build up of old water in the system.

How do I make an authentic espresso?
Our capsules and coffee have been developed to deliver a true, “ classic espresso”. To enjoy a real espresso, it is advisable to extract a 25ml shot of coffee. The extraction time for this is usually between 12-18 seconds of coffee flow depending on the variant. You can extend this to a 40ml shot, but the balance of flavour and intensity will be different. Extraction time on a 40ml shot will be between 18-30 seconds.

How do I make a double espresso?
Use two capsules one after the other to ensure the balance of flavour. We advise you not to simply use the same capsule twice as this will adversely affect flavour and intensity.

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